Most Popular Methods For Getting Rid of Lice

If your child keeps on scratching his or her scalp, or if you notice red welts starting from the scalp going towards the nape of the neck, then your child might have head lice, and you’re going to want to know the most popular methods for getting rid of lice.

To properly determine whether you child has head lice infestation, thoroughly inspect each and every section of your child’s hair using a louse comb. Remember that it won’t do you any good to be infected as well so make sure that you are wearing gloves and that your own hair is covered properly with cling wrap. Also, make sure to do the inspection in an area that is not too windy.

If you find a plump nit (similar to a sesame seed), there’s a chance of an infestation and may require some medical treatment. However, finding nit husks are easier to handle and can be addressed with certain home treatments. Once you find out that your child has lice, you have to the whole family inspected, as well.

There are many ways of dealing with pesky lice.

Over the counter medications
There are a number of things you can buy from the pharmacy to get rid of head lice. For instance, there are pesticide shampoos and anti-lice hair lotions or creams. These things have permethrin and pyrethrin—ingredients that actively stop lice from reproducing by killing them. These are generally safe to use for children no younger than 2 years old. However, it is important to test for allergies before using any product, especially something that contains chemicals like these. Also, never use the product until you are certain that your child has lice.

Home remedies
There are things that you can use at home like heavy hair creams, olive oil, and rich, thick hair conditioners. Some would even use mayonnaise; however, the same effect could be derived from olive oil, which is viewed as the most effective of all the mentioned options.

Get a good lice comb
Key to getting these unpleasant critters off your child’s hair is a good lice comb. Choose something with finer teeth that’s good for going through the hair at length, picking up nits and lice along the way.

Check your entire family for lice
Lice is a bad and itchy business that’s catchy; particularly, within families since there is a greater amount of contact when it comes to sheets, clothes, furniture, towels, and so on. To make sure you’re running a lice-free household, get everybody checked. It might interest you to know that a female louse can lay as much as 150 eggs in her lifetime. That’s just one. Imagine what a group of lice can produce.

Sanitize your home environment
The funny thing about lice is that it’s not really as attracted to dirty hair as it is to clean, silky hair, which could be a problem for your family, as it is certain that all of you have clean hair. Get rid of dirt and anything that could pass on lice from one head to another.