Denorex Lice Treatment

Head lice or pediculosis is a pain to have. It’s an itchy, uncomfortable and embarrassing ordeal. For children, it’s frustrating and annoying. For single people, it’s the best way to secure your current marital status for a long time. People will view you as contagious and disgusting. While the occurrence of head lice has nothing whatsoever to do with hygiene, there’s still that psychological implication that you’re dirty. There good thing is there are easy treatments out there such as Denorex which kills lice, but first let’s answer some common questions.

What are lice?
Head lice (otherwise known as Pediculosis Humanus Capitis) are tiny invertebrate parasites with vampiric natures and the libido of bonobos. They infest human heads by attaching themselves onto the hair strands. They pierce the human scalp with their mouths and inject chemicals through their saliva to ensure good texture for the blood that they are sucking out. Their excretions *during (*yes, during and not after) feeding are embedded into the human scalp. All these irritate the human scalp and skin, causing redness and blotches; in some cases, even infection.

Head lice hatch from fertile nits. It takes them about a week or more to hatch into the nymphal stages. Each louse goes through 3 nymphal junctures before developing into an imago or an adult louse. By then, they would go through a pairing process. Once they have marked a mate, they would copulate frequently for the entire span of their lives (mostly a month).

Each female louse has a multiplying power of about 90, give or take, laying 150 nits or eggs in her entire career, with 60% of them being fertile. A couple of them can transform the human head into a thriving (albeit, repulsive) ecosystem. A group of them can proliferate in the same manner as the people of large civilizations have. Some of them would even make like Christopher Columbus and venture out into new worlds; specifically, new human heads to infest and colonize. For the one month that they are alive, they can spawn many more to take their place.

Why do people get lice?
Because it is a contagious disease, it can be transferred through contact. For example, if you borrowed a comb from a friend whom you didn’t know had head lice (in fairness, at that point, your friend probably didn’t know he or she had lice, either), the chances of you getting head lice is 99.99%. Likewise, if you were to share a bed with someone who has pediculosis (let’s say you hooked up with a really good-looking person whom you didn’t know had the beginnings of a lice colony), you are going to get infected, too.

On top of being highly amorous creatures, head lice are adventurous and they like to travel. They also like to reproduce. No matter how clean you are, if you come into direct contact with someone who has head lice, you’ll probably get it, too.

What is Denorex?
Denorex is a shampoo product that is highly effective in improving the condition of the hair and scalp, and getting rid of dandruff.

How does Denorex remove lice?
Denorex Extra Strength Anti-Dandruff shampoo has certain ingredients that help battle lice. Lather up your hair with Denorex and wrap it in saran wrap. Leave it on for 30 minutes if you’re an adult, and 10 minutes, for children. It would also do well to lather the skin surrounding your hair line with moisturizer to prevent it from drying out or getting irritated. Rinse thoroughly and comb-out with a fine-toothed metal lice comb. Repeat as necessary.